Frequently Used Terms

We have included some terms that are frequently used in negotiations. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to send us your questions.

ArticleSection of the Contract that addresses a specific topic (ie. Bidding, Compensation, Leaves of Absence)
BargainingNegotiations between the Union and the Company.
Collective Bargaining AgreementContract between the Company and the Union
Company SenioritySeniority with JetBlue Airways.
GrievanceA formal procedure for resolving dispute between the Union and the Company.
Occupational SenioritySeniority for your time as an IFC in the Inflight Department
Savings ClauseA provision that preserves the rest of the Contract in the case that a legislative or regulatory requirement requires a change in another section(s) of the Contract.
ScopeDefines the parties and what the Contract covers as well as the rights and responsibilities of the Company and the Union. The Scope article addresses such issues as management rights, labor protections and mergers and acquisitions.
System Board of AdjustmentThe final step in the grievance process whereby a dispute is submitted to a panel including an impartial arbitrator to reach a final and binding resolution.
Tentative AgreementThe Company and the Union reach agreement on an article or section of the Contract prior to reaching a Final Tentative Agreement which will be voted on by IFCs.